Laurie Johnson

a no-bull market

The Clean Air Act’s incredible economic benefits

Cross-posted from the Natural Resources Defense Council. Times were great in the 1990s real estate market: If you got in right before the market took off, and cashed out just before it crashed, you could have made a whopping 75 percent return on your money. But … it was all paper; chances are high the house wasn’t 75 percent nicer. And, for most people, returns were lower than 75 percent, some punishingly negative. It all depended on when you bought and sold. But what if you found out you could get a guaranteed real return over 2,400 percent in one year? And …

Study finds American Power Act creates jobs while decreasing household costs

Cross-posted from NRDC’s Switchboard A new analysis of the American Power Act (APA), comprehensive climate and energy legislation released mid-May by Sens. Kerry and Lieberman, points to an economy with healthy growth in GDP and jobs, and significant savings in household energy expenditures. The analysis uses a new and highly innovative tool developed by McKinsey & Company, a widely respected international consulting firm that advises many of the most influential businesses and institutions in the world. The tool is the first of its kind to combine several powerful macroeconomic models with McKinsey’s extensive modeling of individual markets in energy efficiency …

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