Laurie Mazur

Laurie Mazur is the editor for the Kresge Foundation/Island Press Urban Resilience Project, which is working to advance a holistic, transformative approach to urban resilience in the era of climate change, grounded in a commitment to sustainability and equity. Laurie has written extensively about gender, health, and environment issues.

The justice league

Here’s how environmental justice leaders are pushing forward in the Trump era

We gathered an impressive cadre of activists from across the country to talk about their challenges and strategies.

Guest post

What does environmental justice organizing look like in the time of Trump?

Miya Yoshitani of the Asian Pacific Environmental Network talks about how her work is changing post-election -- and how it's not.

Guest post

Cap-and-trade? Not so great if you are black or brown

A new report finds that California's cap-and-trade system has not cut air pollution in many low-income communities and communities of color.

A guest view

How to get solar panels onto more affordable apartment buildings

The key is battery storage.

Fossil-free at last

What happens when an NAACP leader becomes a climate activist? Some really cool stuff

Kathy Egland, longtime civil rights campaigner, has helped to clean up coal pollution, encourage solar, and prepare communities for disasters.

Solar panels on the rooftop of a multifamily building
Ready for the next one

How solar power can make affordable housing more resilient

Solar power with battery backup can be integrated into affordable housing at no net cost over the lifetime of a project, and it can help residents survive the next disaster.

pope sign in Havana with streetsweeper

The pope’s green message is about a lot more than climate change

Pope Francis' recent encyclical makes the case that meaning in life derives from how we treat each other and how we care for nature.

Harriet Tregoning

Meet Obama’s chief resilience officer

Harriet Tregoning, a rock star in the world of smart growth and urban planning, is now the head of HUD’s Office of Economic Resilience.

Gardening friends

Is “resilience” the new sustainababble?

Resilience is an idea with potentially transformative power -- but we need to make sure it isn't co-opted by big business and the forces of the status quo.