Lionel Foster

Lionel Foster is a writer based in Maryland. His column "Where I Come From" appears monthly in Baltimore City Paper. Find more of his work on his website.


Beautiful struggle: Martin Luther King and the fight for the environment

On the anniversary of King's birthday, we search for common ground between those who fight to save wild places, and those fighting for their lives in the cold city streets.


Smacked down: How police action is feeding the Occupy movement

Photo: Jessica LehrmanOn Oct. 11, 2011, I asked the mayor of Baltimore to sleep with me. I challenged her to spend one night outside in front of City Hall in solidarity with Baltimore’s 4,000 homeless residents. It was a long shot, I knew. My good intentions notwithstanding, she would likely decline. But even I was surprised by the police helicopter — and the response it would elicit from my young companions. Once a month, I write a column called “Where I Come From” for Baltimore City Paper. I use the space to moderate a conversation between races, between generations, and …

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