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Hey, Tina Fey, one kid is OK — and greener too

           “Don’t even ask.”           Photo: George ArriolaThe ever-entertaining Tina Fey has a piece in the latest New Yorker on my designated topic of the week: whether to have more than one kid. “The second-worst question you can ask a woman is: ‘Are …

The only kids are alright

The only kids are alright: Good reasons to consider stopping at one child

This only kid is A-OK.Photo: Omar GurnahSnooki of MTV’s Jersey Shore is immature, whiny, and self-involved — in other words, your typical reality-show star. But a New York Times article about her improbable rise to fame pinpoints one of her …

The parent trap

Care about population? About women? Then you should care that GOP is taking aim at family planning

Deficit-peacock Republicans in the House don’t want to make any cuts at all to the budgets of the Pentagon or the Department of Homeland Security, but they’re delighted to completely eliminate funding for a family-planning program that serves low-income Americans. …

Egypt has a population crisis as well as a democracy crisis

Hosni Mubarak is a dictator who has to go — that’s obviously the animating force behind the protests in Egypt. And more power to the protesters! But Egypt’s problems run much deeper than its autocratic regime, and one of its …

Is Jon Huntsman the greenest GOP presidential hopeful? [UPDATED]

Jon Huntsman: Will he keep telling it straight on climate change?Photo: World Economic Forum [See updates at the bottom.] Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman is looking like the most climate-cognizant contender for the Republican presidential nomination. In fact, he downright …

If you're under 25, you should be pissed about climate change

"Generation Hot" is the 2 billion young people who will be stuck dealing with global warming for their entire lives, writes Mark Hertsgaard in his book "Hot."

Where the GOP presidential contenders stand on climate [UPDATED]

All of the leading hopefuls for the Republican presidential nomination vociferously oppose cap-and-trade systems. On climate science, there's more variety, ranging from loud denial to quiet acquiescence.

8 things you can do about population

Things anyone can do to lessen population pressure: improve sex ed in local schools, support abortion rights, & don't push others to have kids.

I talk population and 7 billion on Green Patriot Radio

This week I got the chance to talk about my recent post "2011: The year we’ll hit 7 billion" on Green Patriot Radio with host David Steinman.