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Can't blame Katrina on global warming

Grist’s Roberts & Giller argue their point in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

No conceivable Bush (or Clinton, or G.H.W. Bush) administration energy strategy aimed at slowing or reversing global warming -- least of all ratifying the Kyoto treaty -- would have protected lives or averted property destruction on the Gulf Coast. Think …

Lakoff on Katrina

Framing expert says Katrina shows need for strong, compassionate government

"The Katrina tragedy should become a watershed in American politics," writes lefty framing guru George Lakoff on AlterNet. "This was when the usually invisible people suddenly appeared in all the anguish of their lives -- the impoverished, the old, the …

LCV endorses Maria Cantwell

Green group makes early entry into 2006 election fight

And they're off! The League of Conservation Voters has made its first endorsement for the 2006 election, 14 months ahead of time, throwing its green weight behind Washington state's junior senator, Maria Cantwell, and promising to mount "an aggressive campaign" …

Bush vs. Science

"Is the Bush administration anti-science?" asks Daniel Smith in The New York Times Magazine.   When Donald Kennedy, a biologist and editor of the eminent journal Science, was asked what had led so many American scientists to feel that George …

Quote of the day

FEMA chief Michael Brown has been widely excoriated for his pathetically and tragically inept response to Katrina. But lest you think he came to the job unequipped to lead the nation's emergency-response efforts, Kate Hale, former Miami-Dade emergency management chief, …

The Onion on biofuels

Amusing, as always.  

Why CAFTA sucks: Reason #82

Daphne Eviatar spells it out nicely in a Washington Post op-ed:

Drunken forests and sinking houses

See climate change in action in a series of photos from the Anchorage Daily News (login:, password: misteree). They accompany a lengthy article by Doug O'Harra about permafrost warming in Alaska and all heck breaking loose. Earth frozen since …

Janice Rogers Brown living up to her surname

Controversial judge sides against enviros on mercury regs

Janice Rogers Brown is already proving her worth on the federal bench. Last week, she and her colleague David Sentelle of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia blocked an effort by environmental groups to halt implementation …