Lisa Hymas

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pipeline delayed

Obama delays Keystone decision — again

The administration is giving federal agencies more time to weigh in on the pipeline. That means a decision will probably be pushed past the midterm elections.

pillow fight

Who had the best one-liners at the Senate’s climate slumber party?

Thirty U.S. senators stayed up all night long on Monday to talk about climate change. Did your senators join in the fun?

Warren Buffett

You can thank Warren Buffett for many of those exploding oil trains

His Berkshire Hathaway investment group owns many of the flimsy rail cars used to transport oil, and it has vigorously fought tighter regulation.

Keystone protest

Bummer for anti-Keystoners: Report finds no conflict of interest, despite obvious conflicts of interest

ERM, which wrote the environmental study on Keystone XL, did dodgy and deceptive stuff, but none of it amounted to serious rule breaking, says the State Department's inspector general.

John Podesta

John Podesta, climate hawk and Keystone opponent, joins Obama team

Podesta, an influential D.C. insider with a passion for climate action, is coming to the White House for a one-year stint as an adviser.

Obama and solar panels

Triple threat: Obama orders federal agencies to boost clean energy use threefold

As part of his climate plan, the president cleans up his own house by calling on the federal government to use more renewable electricity.

Nancy Sutley

Nancy Sutley plans her White House exit

Another member of Obama's environmental team is headed for the door. Sutley, chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, will step down in February.

"end ALEC laws" light display

Times are tough for the fossil-fuel lovers at ALEC

The Koch-funded American Legislative Exchange Council, which pushes anti-environmental state bills, is having trouble raising money and keeping members.

Jerry Brown

Jerry Brown keeps getting heckled by anti-fracking protesters

California's governor supports fracking. A whole lot of his constituents don't, and they're being increasingly vocal about it.