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Climate & Energy

Another climate delay from the Obama admin?

The EPA may postpone release of its landmark greenhouse gas regulations for new power plants. Environmentalists are not pleased.


Another George Bush runs for office in Texas, talks up oil and gas drilling

George Prescott Bush, son of Jeb Bush, has kicked off a campaign to run for Texas land commissioner next year. Drill, baby Bush, drill!

Climate & Energy

N.Y. Times and Thomas Friedman call for killing Keystone

The New York Times editorial board and Times columnist Thomas Friedman have both come out swinging against the Keystone XL pipeline.

Climate & Energy

Van Jones: Keystone XL would be ‘the Obama Pipeline’

Van Jones came out swinging against Keystone, warning that if it's approved it would be a big black mark on Obama's legacy.

Climate & Energy

New York Times kills its ‘Green’ blog

First the Times shut down its environment desk. Now it's shuttering its environment blog. But the paper claims it'll keep reporting on green issues.

Climate & Energy

Sanders and Boxer introduce ‘fee and dividend’ climate bill; greens tickled pink

Ambitious, long-shot climate legislation has activists cheering and climate deniers grousing.


Whose SOTU response was dumber, Marco Rubio’s or Rand Paul’s? Take our poll!

Rubio argued that government can't control the weather. Paul argued that we just need to slash corporate taxes and regulations. Hard call.


Obama: If Congress won’t act on climate change, I will

"We must do more to combat climate change," the president said in his State of the Union address, warning of more intense droughts and floods.


Here’s one more thing you can share: Kids

The sharing economy makes it easy for people to connect via technology to share cars, bikes, homes offices, tools, pets -- and now children.

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