Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones is the author of BROKEN: A Love Story, the true tale of her friendship with quadriplegic Northern Arapaho horse gentler and traditional healer Stanford Addison.

Climate & Energy

Laugh at the crying Indian all you want — the joke’s on us

Remember the crying Indian in the 1970s TV commercial? Well, he's back, and this time, he's not sad -- he's pissed.

Climate & Energy

Citizens battle to keep Delta County from becoming the coal bed methane capital of Colorado

It started out as a simple item on a regional planning commission agenda in remote Delta County, Colo. A recently reworked natural gas well in Delta County. Photo: Jeremy Puckett, WSERC. But since that meeting on April 9, the possibility …


The improbable story of how Bogota, Colombia, became somewhere you might actually want to live

“We had to build a city not for businesses or automobiles, but for children and thus for people,” said a man in a speech last year. “Instead of building highways, we restricted car use. … We invested in high-quality sidewalks, …


Navajo pageant winner is an enviro star

Outfitted in moccasins and traditional dresses, the four contestants in the 49th Miss Navajo Nation Pageant — held this past September in Window Rock, Ariz. — demonstrated a dazzling array of cultural skills. They discussed, in Navajo, the Treaty of …

Business & Technology

One man taxes his way to a healthy relationship with the earth

Dev Carey is a tall, handsome man with a Ph.D. in ecology. He can swing dance like a pro, identify every plant in the meadow outside his house, and talk nervous youths into rappelling off cliffs. He can do many …


He's all abuzz about socially responsible coffee

I am in the local coffee shop in Paonia, Colo., drinking a cup of joe and pleasantly anticipating its effects on my brain. My companion, Eli Wolcott, isn’t drinking a drop. He doesn’t ask what coffee can do for him; …

Who knew river restoration could be so much fun?

As far as the North Fork of the Gunnison River in western Colorado is concerned, there’s good news and there’s bad news. On one hand, it drains one of the most beautiful valleys on the planet — its headwaters tumble …


A Colorado family welcomes the simple life

Why would Dale Murphy, a senior geologist with Enserch Exploration, leave a $58,000-a-year job in Dallas and take his family to a remote town in Colorado where the employment opportunities range from sorting cherries to working a supermarket cash register? …

A scientist fights back against exotics

The Western U.S. has many well-known problems — overgrazing, rampant development, Garth Brooks look-alikes. But one troublesome issue that hasn’t gotten much attention is cheatgrass, an exotic weed that arrived here in the 1890s and has since taken over an …