Lori Rotenberk

Lori Rotenberk is a Chicago-based journalist whose work has appeared in the New York Times, The Boston Globe, Chicago Wilderness Magazine, and the Chicago Sun-Times. She is also also wild about nature. Follow her on Twitter.


With bicycling on the rise, motorists get a new round of driver’s ed

Bike lanes help, but what cities really need is drivers who know how to behave when there are two-wheelers on the roads.


Breaking the grass ceiling: On U.S. farms, women are taking the reins

Drawn by a desire to feed the world, build community, and find a meaningful life, more and more women are cultivating careers in farming.


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Female farmers are as colorful as the crops they raise. These pictures will give you a taste of who they are and what they grow.


Local food — put a sticker on it!

As the public’s appetite grows for locally grown eats, so do the smart marketing campaigns designed to help local farmers, and foster more of them.


Fresh tracks: Chicago’s new ‘sky park’ turns abandoned rails into green spaces

The windy city has two major new parks in the works -- one for people, the other for the birds.


Community thrives along a nearly forgotten slice of an urban river

The North Branch of the Chicago River had nearly vanished from both sight and memory. Then the Riverbank Neighbors appeared.


Chicago tackles the next big challenge in urban ag: Growing farmers

City officials unveil plans to create a new generation of growers who will turn thousands of vacant lots into Chicago's bread baskets.


Curtain kale: Farmers get jiggy with it to support local CSAs

What’s the matter, farmer? Down on your luck? Pick up a pitchfork -- or better yet, put on some knee socks and roller skates -- and do some interpretive dance.


Back to the land again: Folk schools teach skills for modern-day survival

A new generation of homesteaders heads to the woods to learn about beekeeping, artisanal bread making, how to make an electric car -- you know, the basics.