Luke Whelan

Luke Whelan is a freelance writer currently based in Beijing. Follow him on Twitter @WangWeilun.

California’s historic drought and wildfires could make for a rough winter

Mudslides are already stranding Californian motorists.

Why are baby sea lions starving and dying?

And where does climate change fit into all of this?

coal power

EPA report puts a price on carbon pollution — and it is really damn high

Doing nothing about greenhouse gas emissions would cost the U.S. billions of dollars and thousands lives.

Oil trains have 3 more years to explode, thanks to weak Obama rule

New rules for oil trains aren't nearly strict enough to prevent disastrous explosions. The most dangerous cars can keep rolling until 2018.

Hello, state lawmakers: Want to ignore climate change? Prepare to lose FEMA funding

New FEMA guidelines could push states to consider how climate change will affect their communities in order to gain access to funding.

Artists in China strike blows against the smog

As urban air pollution in China worsens, artists are taking to the streets and social media to document the problem and share their discontent.