Marc Stoiber

Marc Stoiber is a Vancouver, B.C.-based creative director who started the creative consultancy Change Advertising with the express vision of making sustainable companies famous, making sustainable products desirable, and making sustainability sexy.

Making sustainability sexy, from an ad man’s point of view

Sustainability. Sexy. Two words you don’t often see together. Sustainability is a serious word. It’s about saving the world from ecological disaster. Getting humanity on track for survival. Heady stuff best left to academics, unions of concerned scientists, and earnest tree-huggers. Would you buy this? Photo: iStockphoto/Tyler Stalman. Sexy … now that’s a fun word. A word that implies pleasure. Tied to advertising, it’s a hook that’s been used to raise sales curves on everything from cars to cognac. A very big opportunity awaits if we — marketers, producers, and media — manage to somehow join these two words at …

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