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Thanksgiving for vegetarians really isn't that big of a deal. Unless you're sitting at a table where everything has been pre-drenched in gravy or stewed in chicken stock or fried in bacon fat (I assume that such tables exist, but I have never sat at one), there are probably enough meatless foodstuffs to make a meatless meal.

But it's a holiday that centers around turkey, and thus there's an odd spotlight that shines, each year, on meat abstainers. What will they eat? What will they bring? Also: Are they lepers?

When these questions arise, you vegetarians might start to feel defensive or prideful or hungry. In response, let your omnivorous friends know that there are, in fact, plenty of vegetarian dishes that can share the spotlight with turkey and feel a little more main-course-y than brussels sprouts or even a gratin. All they need is to feel comforting, and not yell too loud (e.g. no habañero mac and cheese). Here are 12: