Mary Bruno

Unauthorized leak

Gulf oil spill worse than expected, and getting worser

Like the oil, there’s more news spilling out of (or is it into?) the Gulf of Mexico. And none of it is good. Where to begin? The 5,000-foot-long pipe that links the oil well to …

Grist talks

Can an SEC ruling reverse climate change?

Mary: Hello and welcome to Grist Talks, our regular series of conversations with really smart people about really interesting topics. I’m Mary Bruno your really smart and interesting host. And I’m joined today by really …

Let’s tawk!

Will an SEC ruling convert short-term greed into long-term sustainability? [UPDATED WITH TRANSCRIPT]

I know. I know. Securities and Exchange Commission: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. But the SEC did something sort of landmark last January: in a 3-2 vote, commissioners approved guidelines that urge companies to regularly disclose climate change-related risks …

talking up a reform

Why aren’t climate scientists talking about healthcare reform?

Health care reform dominates the news as Dems struggle to push their reform package through Congress. I applaud the effort, but can’t help wondering why climate change is being left out of the debate. Research …

These boots were made for cutting carbon

Timberland CEO Jeff Swartz on the new corporate push for climate action

Timberland CEO Jeff SwartzPhoto: TimberlandCould corporate America finally be stirring from its climate change slumber? Timberland CEO Jeff Swartz believes the answer is a qualified yes. If recent events are any indication, we’re inclined to …

Our parks in peril

Tonya Ricks for Grist Mount Rainier National Park (Wash.) – The home of the Cascade Mountain range’s highest peak (and its glaciers) is in danger from heavy rain and floods, overcrowding, and loss of snow/ice, …

No shit

Puget Sound saviors wage war on pet poop

Runoff and dog poop are killing Puget Sound. On Sept. 17, a diverse coalition of 57 cities, counties, businesses, universities, and advocacy groups launched a campaign called Puget Sound Starts Here to try and deep …

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