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Top of the Article Page Cleanup

Among a few site changes introduced yesterday, we rolled out a small refresh of the top of our articles.  It provides a cleaner, easier experience for sharing and retweeting articles — we hope you enjoy it.  Coming soon and throughout the year,  look for improvements in the facebook sharing mechanism, and further streamlining on these tools. More generally, we’ll be working on the entire article-reading experience to make it cleaner, more social and more immediate. 

The Blog Horn

New Grist Author Blogs Launch Today

Grist launches new Author blogs today.

I Wish I Knew How to Quit Minin' You

Mountaintop-removal mining devastates Appalachia, but residents fight back

Most folks know coal mining is a dirty and dangerous business, triggering everything from miner’s lung to deadly accidents. But the mountaintop-removal mining increasingly common in Appalachia poses dangers not just to miners but to whole communities already struggling to get by. In recent years, this hugely destructive process — whereby the tops of mountains are sliced off to get at coal within, and the resulting rubble dumped in nearby streams and valleys — has triggered lethal flooding, spurred a rash of illnesses in school kids, and even unloosed a massive boulder that tumbled down a hillside into a home …

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