Maywa Montenegro

Maywa Montenegro is an editor and writer at Seed magazine, focusing mainly on ecology, bidiversity, agriculture, and sustainable development.

  • A very mixed blessing

    Pumping oil to fight global warming

    Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology is being discussed as a promising way to stave off emissions from coal-fired plants. I know some environmentalists scorn the idea of pumping CO2 into the ground, but many experts believe that CCS could …

  • Engineering new energy

    Agribiz giants compete to create new plants for biofuels

    I was waiting for this to happen. One of the major stumbling blocks to efficient production of biofuels is the conversion of bulky biomass into ethanol. GM bacteria that can condense this complex process into a single multi-course meal have …

  • Scientific integrity ... just kidding

    Vote for your favorite Science Idol

    The finalists are in. Vote for your favorite at Science Idol: The Scientific Integrity Editorial Cartoon Contest, sponsored by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

  • New oil in Gulf ... gulp

    Vast untapped oil reserve discovered in the Gulf of Mexico

    Yesterday, Chevron Corp. announced the finding of a vast untapped oil reserve in the Gulf of Mexico, after Jack2, its test well, hit the biggest jackpot in a generation. It comes as a relief for some, but could be a …

  • Biodiversity thrives with corridors

    Linking up nature areas boosts species

    In an effort to test the effectiveness of landscape corridors, scientists down in South Carolina have been surveying forest plots either connected by greenways or not. The result, reported in the current issue of Science as well as in today’s …

  • Are you doing environmental news reporting?

    Not if you are dark-skinned, live in the South, or vote Republican.

    Not if you are dark-skinned, live in the South, or vote Republican. Also not you if you’re a woman, earn more than 60K a year, or prefer the Weekly Standard to the New York Times. These statistics (not verbatim, mind …

  • Woohoo!

    California passes Global Warming Solutions Act

    After weeks of wrangling over the details, Fabian Núñez and the Democratic Legislature on Wednesday presented Governor Schwarzenegger with a bill he could not refuse (that is, if he wanted to give himself any chance at reelection.) The new bill …

  • Wedging our carbon bets

    The current issue of Scientific American — “Energy’s Future: Beyond Carbon” (sorry, full text is subscription only) — features a series of articles on that topic by experts in the fields of energy research, transportation, ecology, and urban planning. The …

  • AB 32 and Arnie’s ABC 32 (C is for “caps optional”)

    As I said a couple of weeks ago after Arnie’s eco-rendezvous with the British PM, the real measure of the governor’s greenness will be in the passage of several bills being deliberated in Sacramento right now. In the next ten …