Michael Northrop

Michael Northrop is the program director of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

Climate & Energy

Let’s count the ways Keystone approval helps us

It would empower Big Oil and hinder the climate movement. Still not convinced? Here are all the reasons why Keystone XL is a good idea.

Jump-starting climate action

The next president should use the Clean Air Act to control greenhouse gas emissions

This essay was originally published at Yale Environment 360. —– The urgency of the current situation cannot be overemphasized: The latest scientific research tells us that global warming is accelerating at a rate beyond previous expectations, and that the window for a timely response is closing quickly. Despite some political efforts to muddy the waters, there is scientific agreement that greenhouse gas emissions must now be stabilized within seven years or the world will face unpredictable climate-related catastrophes — far beyond the serious impacts already in evidence globally. Climate action in the United States — at a federal standstill for …

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