Mike Casey

Mike Casey is the president and founder of Tigercomm, a leading U.S. cleantech PR firm with offices in Arlington, Va. and San Francisco, Calif.

‘Degradable Plastic Bag’ Manufacturer Makes False Claims About Product

Recently, our dog chewed up our 10-years-old family compost bin. The new, metal bin we purchased came with “degradable” (e.g., not “BIOdegradable”) bags by a company called Norpro. The Norpro bags claim to be safe to …

Oops: Gas Industry Study on Industry “Economics” Omits Costs of Water Contamination

Despite spending massively to position itself as “clean,” the natural gas industry has a serious pollution problem it doesn’t want getting more public and regulatory attention. Not only is the industry’s climate disruption footprint potentially heavierthan coal, …

Election 2012

Can Obama go back to political base(ics)?

An Obama 2012 rally in Chicago in April.Photo: Barack ObamaCross-posted from the Great Energy Challenge blog. President Obama made a smart move this month by putting the Keystone XL pipeline project into the deep freeze. It had been …

Solar Industry Executives Talk About Massive Solar Jobs Growth

In mid-October, my Tigercomm colleague Mark Sokolove and I took Scaling Green’s Communicating Energy lecture series on the road to the Solar Power International 2011 (SPI) conference and trade show in Dallas, Texas. With so many articulate, knowledgeable, clean energy thought …

Mr. Morriss gets acquainted with Irish Confetti

Merriam-Webster: Irish Confetti – “A rock or brick used as a missile.” We recently wrote about professional clean energy critic Andrew Morriss being schooled by Center for American Progress’s Kate Gordon before a friendly crowd at the fossil …

Fossil Fuels

NY Times lets dirty energy soil its op-ed page

Robert Bryce got a seat last week next to Thomas Friedman and Nicholas Kristof on the Times’ opinion page, with a piece of pro-dirty energy propaganda

Clean energy advocate gives a 'how to' clinic on rebutting fossil energy disinformation

Cross-posted from The Great Energy Challenge blog Over the past few months, I’ve made the case that dirty energy lobby plays a full contact game against clean energy, using lobbying and disinformation as business weapons …

Lessons from PFC Restrepo’s Mother

The incredibly brave work of the U.S. Special Forces team that killed Osama bin Laden brought some badly needed, uplifting news. It gave Americans welcome, if temporary, relief from steady news of American lives lost …


National coal expert: ‘Mining is a loser’ in practically every way

Anytime coal’s cost to America is discussed, the coal industry reflexively talks about what an economic lifeline it is for the states in which it operates. Headwaters Economics, a Bozeman-based think tank focusing on natural …

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