Mike SanClements

Mike SanClements is an ecologist at the University of Colorado and lives in Boulder, Colo.


Plastic purge: The good, the bad, and the ugly

The plastic purge is over, and here's what I've learned: Avoiding plastic makes you lose weight.


Plastic purge: The great plasticky outdoors

A look inside my closet reveals that all of the hobbies I love -- trail running, skiing, biking -- involve plastic. Damn it.


Plastic purge: The poo problem

Millions of pet dogs in the United States means a lot of poo-filled plastic bags in landfills. Here's how Hank and I figured out a solution to that nasty mess.


Plastic purge: Homemade tortillas and hummus

We don't need no stinkin' plastic! We made our own tortillas. And hummus, too.


Plastic purge: Trouble on every aisle

It took me two hours to buy five days' worth of groceries that didn't have any plastic packaging. Two hours! WTF?


Plastic purge: The enemy is everywhere

I am going to eliminate as much plastic as possible from my life for two weeks. But I'm keeping my toothbrush. I'm not THAT crazy.