Miles Traer

Miles Traer is working on a PhD at Stanford, using numerical models to investigate the evolution of the seafloor. He has moonlighted as a cartoonist and a cajun chef, and will defend his love of The White Stripes with viking-like zeal.

Are humans really the planet’s top dogs? Geologists will make the final call

Meet the scientists who have been charged with deciding whether humans have been so harmful to the Earth that we've kicked off a new geologic age.

No Venus envy here: Earth’s evil twin shows us the climate change endgame

Astrobiologist David Grinspoon says Venus used to be a lot like Earth, but then this little thing called the greenhouse effect turned it into a scorched, uninhabitable wasteland. Worried yet?

Earthshaking news from Mars, teaser edition

One of the Mars rover’s smart guys, Ken Herkenhoff, tells all about the “seven minutes of terror,” possible “touchdown” discoveries, and why the folks at Mission Control call Curiosity “she.”

Fracking and the road to a clean energy future

Geophysicist Mark Zoback says natural gas squeezed from shale can be a crucial and clean(ish) short-term energy fix -- if we’re careful about how we get it.

The Anthropocene explained, game-show style [AUDIO]

Everything you need to know about the Age of Man in just five – OK, seven, minutes.