Nathanael Johnson
Empire of the sun

Solar jobs are booming.

It takes a LOT of workers to install all those solar panels.

Republic of Empiricism

Scientists aren’t just marching, they’re running for office.

Scientists have long sought to distance themselves from politics. Looks like that's starting to change, thanks to Trump.

High on our own supply

Why is California building fossil-fuel power plants it doesn’t need?

An L.A. Times investigation reveals that utilities are picking the pockets of the poor and hurting California's climate efforts.

Maryland, Maryland, quite contrary-land

Maryland lawmakers have pushed past their governor’s veto to embrace renewable power.

It's not all about Washington, D.C. States continue to move forward on climate and clean energy initiatives.

Let's science the shale out of it

Innovation, not scarcity, could bring us peak oil as soon as 2020.

Projections about our future energy use may be discounting the force of innovation.

deep pockets of resistance

Billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer wants to supercharge the resistance.

He'll do everything in his power to stop Trump, he says.

Tastes like chicken

You can thank climate change for adding delicious mercury to your seafood.

Changing weather patterns could season our sushi with a powerful neurotoxin.

meow remix

First: Cats. Now: The polarization of science. Is there anything curiosity can’t kill?

A new paper says it's not knowledge, but curiosity, that allows people to break out of partisan bubbles.

Well, he is a real-estate developer

A leaked list of Trump’s infrastructure priorities looks pretty surprising.

Trump's infrastructure wish list appears positively un-Trumpian, but ...