Nathanael Johnson

Nathanael Johnson

Thought for food

Nathanael Johnson (@savortooth on Twitter) is Grist's food writer and the author of All Natural: A Skeptic's Quest to Discover If the Natural Approach to Diet, Childbirth, Healing, and the Environment Really Keeps Us Healthier and Happier.

Climate & Energy

Drought forces cuts to some of California’s oldest water rights

In a step it hasn't taken since the 1970s, the state water board tells key rights holders, including municipalities and water districts, to draw less H2O.

Dino Another Day

In which we talk “Jurassic World,” GMOs, and bad science

The newest "Jurassic Park" movie has has genetically modified monsters, hot dino-wranglers, and a brain the size of a walnut.


Organic farmers: Whole Foods is an unfair grader

Like many certification systems, the Whole Foods ratings have some downsides, and some farmers say the system is costly and flawed.

Business & Technology

Remember that bulldozed rainforest? We have pretty good news!

A patch of Indonesian rainforest was cut down for palm-oil production. The company involved just announced a moratorium on all forest clearance.


Soda ads with health warnings? That’s about to be a real thing

San Francisco voters turned down a tax, but its legislators have now required prominent warnings on all sugary-beverage marketing.

Business & Technology

What’s tastier than free guac? Chipotle’s new employee benefits

Chipotle got flak for its "No GMOs" announcement. But its new benefits policy is the kind of change that really can make a difference.


Lots of crazy claims about soda taxes. Which panned out?

Now that the experiment with taxing sugary drinks is underway, we look at which arguments by backers and opponents have come true -- and which were hot air.


Farms are growing more vegetables, but Americans still want to skip straight to dessert

U.S. farms see boom in the green stuff, but they're selling more of it abroad, as domestic consumption of veggies and beans fails to keep pace.


Think we can end California’s drought by eating differently? Think again

Real solutions to California's water woes will depend on politics and market regulation, not facile assaults on thirsty crops and struggling farmers.