Nathanael Johnson

Nathanael Johnson

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Nathanael Johnson (@savortooth on Twitter) is Grist's food writer and the author of All Natural: A Skeptic's Quest to Discover If the Natural Approach to Diet, Childbirth, Healing, and the Environment Really Keeps Us Healthier and Happier.

Opening the Gates

Teaching a humongous foundation to listen to small farmers

Sam Dryden led the Gates Foundation's farm program for five years, guided less by his background in Big Ag than his upbringing on a hardscrabble Appalachian farm.


Turning swords to ploughshares is a balm for veterans

A new documentary about veterans turned farmers finds that working the soil can be an antidote to the hardships of re-entry.


We are what we eat, but that doesn’t mean we can’t change

Food is identity. So making diets healthier and more sustainable isn't easy. We can begin by cutting out the hectoring and lecturing.


Cargill promises to get right with palm oil

The agricultural giant joins a growing bandwagon of companies pledging not to promote deforestation as they supply their (and our) vegetable-oil habits.

Tin foiled again

Don’t believe anything you read at Natural News

Don't be taken in: This site sometimes plays to green sympathies, but it's full of untrustworthy information and outright conspiracy theories.

Feed lots

The science (and art) of feeding ourselves

The planet may be jammed with people, but there's an awful lot of food out there. The big question: How can we grow it sustainably and distribute it equitably, too?


Plants are poison — and that just may be why they keep us healthy

Toxins in produce may be the key to why fruits and vegetables do us so much good, according to new research that challenges our thinking about antioxidants.


Millions alive today would have to die before the paleo diet could take over

There's some sensible thinking behind the trendy diet, but it's fueled by a "press reset" mentality that distracts us from more realistic solutions to food problems.

Let them drink olive oil

California’s next oil rush might be surprisingly delicious

Olive trees don't take much water to produce lots of healthy oil. Plus, when you make it locally, you can actually taste the difference.

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