The poverty solution: Put people first

How a growing timber business revived a forest

A tiny town in Ecuador was in rough shape until residents and environmentalists came up with a successful business plan.

The poverty solution: Put people first

The case for putting people before nature

All over the world, environmental groups are trying to figure out how to balance nature and people in carbon-rich biodiversity hotspots.

The Poverty Solution: Put People First

How food, forests, and people are connected, in 10 charts

Here's why environmentalists should cheer on the end of poverty.

The poverty solution: Put people first

What the humble turnip can teach us about economic growth

The root vegetable might have been key to the U.K.'s Industrial Revolution.

The poverty solution: Put people first

Costa Rica modernized without wrecking the environment. Here’s how.

Not every route to prosperity involves trashing the planet.

The poverty solution: Put people first

How do we fight poverty without wrecking the planet?

Put people first.

Run forest run

We have good news for tropical forests and people who like to breathe.

New commitments from Brazil and Indonesia will be great for forests, critters, and humans.

Dirty thoughts

The muck beneath our feet could be our destruction, or our salvation.

Soil could be our salvation, if we stop treating it like dirt.

Waiter, there’s a human rights violation in my soup

There is child labor in your food.

A report from Amnesty International reveals labor exploitation in the palm oil industry.