Nick Leonard

Nick Leonard is a Sr. HR Manager for a large multinational CPG company, an avid outdoorsman and environmentally conscious global citizen. He grew up amidst the mountains and deserts of the American southwest, returning as often as possible.

Spotlight on Colorado

The return of the uranium boom?

In a small community near a broad expanse of valley floor known as the West End, there’s a certain glow in the air. It’s the glow of progress, the glow of prosperity … and the glow of the uranium miners coming home from work? The Paradox Valley in southwestern Colorado.Courtesy U.S. Geological SurveyProbably not; we all know radiation doesn’t actually make someone glow. However, the people of Paradox Valley in western Colorado may soon have a unique opportunity to rediscover exactly what impact uranium mining and refining can have. Energy Fuel Resources Corp (EFR), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toronto-based Energy …

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