Nina Lalli

Nina Lalli lives with one man, two dogs, and six chickens in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. She has written about food for the Village Voice and Serious Eats, among others. She has a day job and posts smaller farm updates on her blog,

Peebottle Farms: Insta-heirloom

After her chickens destroy the spring garden starts, our urban farming columnist goes on an heirloom seed-seeking adventure.

Peebottle Farms: The dirt on the dirt

After putting off soil testing for two years, will our fearless urban farmer find her backyard garden full of arsenic and lead?

Peebottle Farm: Keeping city chickens in winter

I pictured myself shoveling a path through four feet of snow every morning towards the chicken coop in the frigid darkness. And all for naught, since hens go on semi-strike due to lack of sunlight in winter, producing far fewer …

Peebottle Farms: Talking to plants

A friend sent Nina an urgent text message that said: “Alert! Today is a good day for planting garlic!” KK Haspel talks to the plants on her farm. She also grows astoundingly delicious vegetables and bonkers-gorgeous flowers. The connection between …

Peebottle Farms: What to feed your chickens to get the best eggs?

“I have a theory, and I don’t think you’re gonna like it.” Justin was seated across from me at a communal table in a “Secret Restaurant.” We had met not half an hour before, but were now deep in discussion …

Peebottle Farms: Have eggs, will barter

What's a girl with a constant stream of backyard eggs to do -- aside from conditioning her hair with the yolks? Why barter, of course.

Peebottle Farms: Chicken expertology

How are chickens like us? Are they easy to care for? Can you feed them onions? Here's what I learned in my first three months.

Peebottle Farms: Chicken run

In which our heroine travels to a real farm and resists buying a dozen laying hens -- but settles for a half-dozen.

Peebottle Farms: Cooped up in the city

As soon as it got warm enough, Tei and I started bickering about the chicken coop. The plan was that "we" would build it, but we both knew that meant Tei would grumble about it first, and then reluctantly figure …