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Osha Gray Davidson's Posts


Sun Worshippers Descend on Bay Area

Intersolar gathering

Fifteen thousand solar devotees from around the world are expected to meet in San Francisco this week in an event that organizers hope will "create strong global relationships." Actually, the sun worshippers will be fully-clothed (many in suits, no doubt). These movers and shakers, metaphorically speaking, will be attending the continent's largest business-to-business solar trade conference and exhibition, called Intersolar, from July 14-16 at the Moscone Center. Intersolar has been holding similar gatherings in Germany for eight years, helping businesses from across the solar supply chain meet, network and cut deals. The first North American Intersolar event was organized last …


This little Senator went to market

Why the climate bill is in trouble (and how to help)

If it weren't for mixed messages, the US Senate wouldn't be sending any messages at all. Thursday, WaPo ran a  story about how the Senate, once hot to trot on passing a climate change bill, had decided to rein it in. Climate legislation got its first hearing before Senator Barbara Boxer's Environment committee on Tuesday. Afterwords, Grist's Kate Sheppard noted, Boxer's office was planning to vote on a bill in "early August." Two days later, Boxer announced that they'll have a bill "as soon as we get back" from the Senate's last-of-summer break. Translation: See you in September. A final …


Razing Arizona

GOP: Solar powered jobs can go to hell (or at least limbo)

The clock was ticking ... till it stopped.Courtesy Osha DavidsonJust ten days ago, Arizona state Senator Barbara Leff (R-Paradise Valley) stood before a House committee, making the case for a bill she had written. "The Quality Jobs Through Renewable Energy Bill," was needed, she said, to make Arizona the leader in solar [power]." Not just in the nation, but potentially throughout the world. Leff reminded Representatives that we are in a period of transition. Fossil fuels are the past (why do you think they're called fossil fuels?). Solar is the future. Senate Bill 1403 can help the state move forward, …


The Con is On

The GOP’s Spanish prisoner/professor

In prepping for today's House debate on Waxman-Markey, I watched a film. (No, not An Inconvenient Truth.) It was David Mamet's mindbender, The Spanish Prisoner. The movie takes its title from a venerable long-con so complicated that -- I don't care how many times you've seen the film -- twenty minutes in and you'll have no idea who's zoomin' who. It's the perfect choice, and not just because politics at this level is always part confidence game (with you and me cast as the mark). The movie works so well in part because opponents of the climate bill have their …


Post-Katrina floodwaters are dirty, but so are other U.S. waterways

Last month, "toxic gumbo" entered the American lexicon with the speed and force of the floodwaters it describes. A LexisNexis search of major U.S. publications doesn't return a single hit for the phrase in the year before Hurricane Katrina. But in the 30 days after the storm's landfall, 66 articles contained the phrase. Measure twice, cup once. "I want to be very clear," cautioned EPA administrator Stephen Johnson, describing the situation in the devastated city to the press. "Emergency response personnel and the public should avoid direct contact with any floodwater." It was a dire warning. And to some water-quality …

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