Patrick Mazza

Patrick Mazza is an independent journalist-researcher-activist focused on climate and global sustainability. He was formerly research director at Climate Solutions, and a founder of the group. Currently he serves as a member of 350 Seattle's governing hub and co-facilitator of its Sustainable Solutions Workgroup. His blog is Cascadia Planet.

Building Natural Carbon: Five Policy Principles

Driven by the fossil-fueled industrialization of Asia, carbon dioxide levels hit 395 parts per million in 2012, the highest level in four or five million years.  That was an era when sea levels were around 80 feet higher and temperatures …

Super Bowl blackout makes the case for smart microgrids

More than just a symbol of America’s decaying infrastructure, the Super Bowl blackout showed the vulnerabilities of a centralized power grid.

Clean energy conference weathers blackout with microgrid

Waking up in my hotel room across the street from the 13th annual Harvesting Clean Energy Conference Monday, I hit the light switch.  Nothing.  I try a few other switches and then look out at the hall to confirm it’s …

The carbon math – Western US ecosystems capacity to store carbon in future depends on emissions reductions now

How much carbon is stored in natural systems of the continental western US?  Over coming decades, how much of the fossil fuel carbon dioxide we are pumping into the atmosphere will western ecosystems absorb? A new US Geological Service survey …

Pacific Coast readies for climate superstorms to come

Literal grassroots leadership: The Soil Carbon Challenge

Sitting down to talk about his work to focus the climate-saving power of soil carbon, Peter Donovan starts off with a trick question. “What’s the major greenhouse gas?”  I fall right into it. “Carbon dioxide.” “No, it’s water vapor.” Of …

Newly discovered super-advanced biocarbon device: anchovy poop!

(At the Northwest Biocarbon Initiative we are constantly on the hunt for ways to improve the carbon storage capacity of natural systems.   One of my partners in the project, Rhys Roth, came across this new scientific study on the importance …

Fires, droughts put focus on climate — but will we seize the moment?

Information won't lead to action without proactive planning -- the kind that requires cooperation between government, business, and other groups with a commitment to change.

A storm-resistant power grid?

On the verge of revolutionizing the U.S. power grid

Rachel Maddow, a kindred spirit whose heart beats a little faster at the word "infrastructure," has been campaigning recently for more infrastructure spending in the stimulus package. Pointing to the mass blackouts caused by Midwest storms, she asked the other …