Paul Gipe

Paul Gipe is an author, advocate, and renewable energy industry analyst. His latest book is Wind Energy Basics.


Germany can phase out nuclear by 2017

The conservative German government has issued a 14-page document [PDF] outlining how Germany can close all of its nuclear reactors by 2017 — sooner than the government’s official proposal of 2022 — and still keep the lights on. The report, and the timing of its release, indicates the intense political debate within and without the ruling coalition of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats and her junior partner the neoliberal Free Democrats. As noted by Craig Morris for Renewables International, the report was issued by an agency within the German Ministry of the Environment, but it was not “commissioned” by the ministry …


Nuclear power is expensive and uninsurable

The world’s beleaguered nuclear industry continues to take a battering. The “nuclear renaissance” juggernaut that once seemed unstoppable now appears dead in its tracks. The cabinet of Germany’s conservative government on Monday voted to take the country out of nuclear permanently by 2022. Not to be outdone on the right, the country’s opposition parties say that’s not fast enough. The conservative party in the state of Bavaria has gone even further and says that while it was first in German nuclear power, it will now be first in exiting nuclear. Bavaria, known as the “Texas of Germany” for its conservatism, …


Distributed geothermal could supply 7 percent of California’s electricity

With the right policies in place, geothermal could play an active role in reaching California’s renewable energy goals.Small, geographically dispersed geothermal power plants could provide 7 percent of California’s electricity supply, according to an analysis of data collected by a consultant to the Golden State. California recently passed new legislation requiring the state to provide 33 percent of its electricity from renewable energy and newly elected Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed the bill into law. Geothermal energy is a renewable resource using the heat of the Earth to generate electricity and heat homes, offices, and factories. California leads the world …