Paul Greenberg

Paul Greenberg is the New York Times bestselling author of Four Fish, the Future of the Last Wild Food.

  • Ground Zero garden revisited: Remembering 9/11 with a homegrown meal

    “Four Fish” author Paul Greenberg assembles an entire meal out of foods grown or caught near the World Trade Center site.

  • Why are we eating bluefin tuna to extinction?

    Photo: Tom PuchnerCross-posted from Gilt Taste. If you eat fish regularly, you’ve probably grown used to regularly being told by conservation groups — or that slightly irritating, politically correct friend — that certain fish shouldn’t be eaten: American Striped bass, …

  • How to fix fish farms

    Following the possible appearance of a dangerous fish disease on the west coast, the author of Four Fish says: “We have to think about how we might separate the farms from the wild.”

  • Genetically engineered salmon’s fishy promises

    Cross-posted from Gilt Taste. For those who follow the theater of food politics, particularly the underwater portion of the drama, AquaBounty’s AquAdvantage genetically engineered salmon has played something of leading role for two decades, dating back to the 1990s when …