Paul Koberstein

Paul Koberstein is editor of Cascadia Times, an environmental journal published in Portland, Ore., and a former reporter for Willamette Week and The Oregonian. In 2004, he won the John B. Oakes Award for the most distinguished environmental journalism in the U.S. for articles on the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

Hawaiian honeycreeper
Why oh Kauai?

GMO giants’ pesticide use threatens rare Hawaiian species

The wildlife, plants, and coral reefs of Kauai, many already endangered, are under further risk because of heavy spraying on GMO test fields.

The Kauai Cocktail

GMO companies are dousing Hawaiian island with toxic pesticides

Dangerous chemicals are being applied to GMO test fields on Kauai at a much higher rate than on most U.S. farms, an analysis of new data reveals.