Peter Asmus

Peter Asmus has covered the energy business for over a decade and is author of the forthcoming book Reaping the Wind by Island Press. His last book was Reinventing Electric Utilities.

Wind power is dividing enviros and spurring some odd alliances

The National Audubon Society hosted a news conference in September 1999 to denounce Enron Wind Corp.’s plans to build a wind farm near the town of Gorman in Southern California, with enough capacity to power 40,000 homes. “It is hard to imagine a worse idea than putting a condor Cuisinart next door to critical condor habitat,” said Audubon Vice Pres. Daniel Beard. Condor Cuisinarts? Photo: Warren Gretz, NREL/PIX. Many environmentalists are touting wind energy as the wave of the future, the technology most likely to help us steer away from the path to climate disaster. Wind power is the fastest …

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