Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins is the chief executive officer of Green For All.

Climate & Energy

We should add climate change to the civil rights agenda

Climate change hits communities of color hardest, but the fight to stop it could offer a path to the middle class.

Green Jobs

Fight poverty. End fossil fuel subsidies

Our leaders in Rio must agree to stop propping up polluting industries, and instead invest in the kind of green economy that creates a pathway out of poverty.

It’s summertime, and energy is on our minds

As the days get longer, more and more Americans are cranking up their air conditioners and turning on their fans. Meanwhile, their energy costs continue to climb—and they’re feeling it. In a poll last week, nearly …

On its 39th anniversary, the Clean Water Act needs defenders

This post originally appeared on Treehugger. In 1969, a river caught fire. People of a certain age probably remember when it happened. The Cuyahoga, which runs through northeastern Ohio and outlets into Lake Erie in …

Oil Executive to Young People: 'As Long I Make Money, I Don't Care What Happens to You'

Cross-posted from Jack & Jill Politics Quick question: Do you think that tax subsidies for the “big five” oil companies — which earned $32 billion in profit during the first quarter of the year — …

Let’s Face It: Some Members of Congress Like Oil Executives Better Than You

“We’re only talking about four billion dollars.” That’s how former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin defended the tax breaks going to the some of the world’s richest corporations: oil companies. It may “only” be four billion …

Obama Has His First Opponent To Campaign Against: Extremism

In 2008, Americans were fed up. Wars, a terrible economy, dishonesty, a drift from our core beliefs. That November, Barack Obama said, “Change,” which may basically have meant, “Not that.” Not that direction for America. …

One Year After BP Oil Spill: Communities Lead While Congress Fails

An urban garden in New Orleans.One year ago today, British Petroleum’s Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling unit exploded in the Gulf of Mexico — a catastrophe that most Americans will never forget. 11 people lost their …

This Earth Week: Taking America Back From the Polluters

Last weekend, I was proud to join the likes of former Vice President Al Gore and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson as a keynote speaker at Power Shift 2011. There was an incredible energy; more than …

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