Phil Plait

Phil Plait is an astronomer, lecturer, and author of Bad Astronomy.

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In Wyoming, climate change is all too real

Snow is melting earlier in the northwest region of the state, which has profound consequences for Wyoming's agriculture.


Arctic ice melt sets yet another record

This year's Arctic sea ice hit a new low.

Climate & Energy

No, climate scientists are not manipulating their data

Some climate deniers say scientists are skewing data to show a warming planet. Here's why they're wrong.


Climate denier Ted Cruz to oversee NASA. Houston, we have a problem

This is not a good thing. Just how bad it is will be determined.

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Debating a climate denier? It’s OK to be smart.

This video has some tips and tricks to keep you afloat in your next conversation with the climate-impaired.

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Yep, Antarctica is melting away faster than ever

A new report from NASA and UC-Irvine confirms — again — that Antarctica is melting away.

Climate & Energy

The truth about Arctic sea ice melt, and its inevitable denial

Um, no, there is NOT more ice at the poles -- and other denier myths debunked.

Climate & Energy

When a species poisons an entire planet

We aren't the only creatures who polluted the atmosphere and forever changed life on Earth.

Climate & Energy

We’re still losing ice at the poles

The Arctic ice floats on the ocean, the Antarctic ice over land and sea, meaning that they melt different. But they're both melting.