Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

America supports helping farmers adapt to climate change because obviously

Thought we fully expect support to plummet once it rains or becomes winter.

After much trial and error, we’re finally generating power from the ocean

It's only taken a century or two, but it appears that we've cracked the nut. A new tidal power project in Maine is a first for the U.S.

Uncommon headlines: Rising Republican star (Chris Christie!) embraces solar

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signs a big solar bill, demonstrating the bipartisan value in supporting renewables.

Massive rain causes havoc in Beijing as infrastructure fails

Beijing's weak infrastructure lead to 37 deaths after a torrential downpour. You don't think much about your sewer system until it stops working.

Drought means bad news for Obama

Research suggests that drought negatively impacts incumbent presidents.

U.S. lays out the welcome mat for solar on public lands

By identifying 17 sites in the West for solar installation, the government hopes to vastly increase the supply of renewable energy.

Lake Superior is so hot right now!

Temperature-wise. Popularity-wise, I'm sure it's doing fine.

The environment is trying to ruin the Olympics again

It's like Mother Earth doesn't want us to have fun for some reason.

NASA: ‘Unprecedented,’ ‘extraordinary’ ice melt in Greenland

It's not clear how soon the melted ice will be coming to a shoreline near you.