Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

Republicans prefer naming things after Reagan to signing U.N. ocean treaties

And, really, who can blame them?

We’re ripping up our mountains to ship coal overseas. Maybe we shouldn’t?

New research demonstrates the scale of American coal exports and the cost we pay. Happily, we're not entirely powerless.

New York’s massive new bike-sharing program tripped up by computer problems

Computers don't want bikes to succeed. Computers NEVER want bikes to succeed.

Aquifer discovered in arid Namibia could yield 400 years of water — or 15

A fantastic, life-saving discovery in one of the driest countries in the world also bears a large amount of risk.

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson on Colbert

Amusing. Not super informative.

Whooping cough cases on track for 50-year high

The culprit, according to the CDC, isn't a lack of vaccinations -- it's that the vaccinations may be too weak.

GOP tries to block black-lung protections. Big Tobacco would be proud

As always, Big Tobacco leads the way in developing innovative arguments about why their profits are more important than the people they kill.

More bad drought news: Drought makes hotter temperatures more likely

As we prepare to switch over to reporting on nothing but drought news, yet another story about how the bad drought is making things worse.

Lobbyists spent $173.5 million trying to shape the 2008 farm bill

Food and Water Watch crunched the numbers, revealing both the scale and breakdown of the massive effort to pass the 2008 legislation.