Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

Patriot Coal files for bankruptcy

The company cites the coal industry's "major transformation" in a public statement.

As water dries up, so do crops. Get used to it.

The link between reduced agricultural irrigation and reduced crop yields is becoming increasingly apparent -- and for a more populous world, an increasing problem.

Review: ‘Romney Campaign’ parody of the clueless ultrarich is hilarious, but unrealistic

Not that we didn't enjoy it.

Black lung disease, once on the brink of extinction, is back. Thank the coal industry

A new report from NPR and the Center for Public Integrity finds that an affliction once nearly eradicated is back – and more dangerous than ever.

Apple withdraws its products from national environmental standard

Apple's new MacBook laptops are hard to take apart, and thus hard to recycle, so they fail to meet one key green standard.

Multinational food corporations thank you for buying ‘organic’

A report from the New York Times makes clear that the organic food industry is dominated by big-name players -- who are also actively working to shift the meaning of "organic."

Norway could halt all oil extraction tonight, probably only temporarily

Not that a fella can't dream.

Mother Nature has evil plans for your weekend

Seriously. For most of America, tomorrow is going to be miserable. Read our tips on not dying.

For the first time, America produces as much electricity from natural gas as from coal

And, remarkably, the U.S. produced more electricity from non-fossil fuels than from either natural gas or coal.