Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

An extremely brief overview of a very long debate on energy and the environment

Yet another debate! On energy! By guys who know the presidential candidates!

Coal industry tanks as mining costs rise

Increased costs of extraction mean a tough situation for coal companies trying to fend off cheap natural gas.

Update on Hurricane Sandy: Everyone is doomed

Yesterday, Tropical Storm Sandy became a hurricane. And this morning, NOAA updated its forecast track: It's now a hurricane plus snow plus a nor'easter, and it's headed for New York City.

As U.S. oil booms and refineries hum, why do we need a pipeline from Canada again?

Refineries are making money. Pipelines are being built. The U.S. oil industry is fiddling a fine tune as the climate burns.

Thanks to warming, ozone hole second-smallest in 20 years

It's almost like unified international action can address environmental problems!

Guess where all of our new energy came from last month? (Hint: Not coal)

At this rate, we'll be renewable-only just a few short decades after we're all dead!

Fertilizer companies and climate change are killing the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea has gone dry in the past. It may be on its way to doing so again.

Probably a good idea: Government to study cancer risk of living near nuclear sites

A similar study in 1990 found nothing to worth worrying about, but, hey, good idea to check.

Americans spend $4.2 billion a year on gluten-free products

And spend absolutely nothing on free products. (See what I did there?)