Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

A Koch-allied group aims to make wind energy toxic

The American Energy Alliance is working to make a wind industry tax credit so "toxic" that Congress will refuse to pass an extension.

Hillary Clinton pushes a key diplomatic mission: Energy

In a speech on Thursday, Clinton called for climate action and outlined the nation's priorities for keeping energy conflicts in check.

BP’s failed Deepwater containment dome is still down there, leaking away

And BP doesn't seem particularly interested in cleaning up the mess caused by the leaky equipment it abandoned at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

Australian radio host to undergo ‘factual accuracy training’ after spouting nonsense on carbon pollution

The Australian government wants broadcasters to be factually accurate? Lame. USA! USA!

Republicans might give up oil subsidies — they just want a few things in return

Romney and GOP colleagues are talking about cutting oil and gas tax breaks -- if we also cut corporate taxes and drop support for clean energy.

Protestor with "Stop the Pipeline" sign

TransCanada shuts down its existing Keystone pipeline as a precaution

They found a teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy anomaly, guys, no big whoop, said a spokesperson who was sweating through her jacket.

The Great Lakes are one Enbridge pipeline failure away from disaster

A narrow waterway separating two Great Lakes is home to a tar sands pipeline operated by the company responsible for the worst on-land spill in U.S. history.

Pro-oil ‘think tank’ wants to remind you that facts are dumb

The American Enterprise Institute says the media shouldn't be worried about facts because who cares? (Seriously.)

Could higher gas prices doom President Obama?

According to our analysis: Nope.