Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

A tropical disease takes hold in a warming Alaska

Scientists found that 7.2 percent of Alaskan birds they tested were infected with avian malaria.

Here’s Romney’s latest attack on green investment: A123 Systems

A123, a battery manufacturer that got federal stimulus funding, has declared bankruptcy. You'll hear about this during Tuesday's debate.

Rogue ‘geoengineer’ dumps iron into the Pacific to create massive algal bloom

A California man couldn't get buy-in on his geoengineering plan, so he just went ahead with it on his own. Note to readers: Saving the world is not a DIY project.

American acceptance of the existence of bears is again on the rise

A new poll finds more Americans are accepting the reality of climate change. But are we accepting it's a bear of a problem? Maybe.

As the climate warms, corn production starts slowly moving north

The corn harvest was down in Kansas this year. Meanwhile, 700 miles north in the Canadian province of Manitoba, the corn crop is booming.

Mitt Romney

A Romney administration would create 3 million new energy jobs — but then, so would yours

The candidate's claims of creating millions of new jobs sets a surprisingly low bar for him to vault.

Wall Street Journal hypes ‘little-known’ decision limiting oil drilling that it reported in August

But August was a reallllly long time ago, so it's hard to blame them.

Don’t expect any new coal-ash regulations within the next 23 days

The EPA proposed new rules for coal ash in 2010, but they haven't moved forward yet. And depending on what happens on Nov. 6, maybe they never will.

Last month was the [FIRST] hottest [SEPTEMBER] in recorded history

Here's this month's high-temperature report, automatically generated by The Climate News Robot.