Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

Romney’s attack on green investment was massively, massively wrong

In the debate, Romney said $90 billion had been wasted investing in green companies, half of which have gone out of business. Not so. And also hypocritical.

Comically evil coal boss forces white-collar workers to give up cash for Romney too

The head of Murray Energy, who forced coal miners to attend a Romney rally, also demands that his management staff make political contributions.

Prepare for wackiness: Shell is drilling the Arctic again

Shell had to wait to resume drilling in the Beaufort Sea until an annual whale hunt ended. So that's nice.

Fact-checking Romney’s ‘I like coal’ statement

In the first presidential debate, Mitt Romney said he likes coal. Is it true? We fact-check his statement to find out.

Costa Rica to ban sport hunting

Lawmakers in Costa Rica overwhelmingly voted to prohibit recreational hunting, hoping to sustain its wildlife tourism industry.

Enbridge doesn’t want to clean up its oil spill, it wants to go play

Sometimes, as any parent knows, you just have to put your foot down.

Map of the most energy-efficient states looks kind of familiar

Massachusetts and California are very energy efficient; Mississippi and North Dakota aren't. See where we're going with this?

Chinese company sues to buy wind farms; Warren Buffett has an easier time

A Chinese-owned company is suing Obama for blocking its purchase of four wind farms in Oregon. Warren Buffet has no problems buying wind farms in California.

Voters may care about climate change — but not nearly enough to make a difference

Sorry to rain on the parade, but voters saying they consider climate to be "important" is not nearly enough to effect change.