Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

EPA rules create $5 of good for each $1 they cost

Then why is the president being attacked for supporting them? Because of where the cost is incurred.

New York postpones fracking decision to gather information on health impacts

The state will review potential health effects of fracking before deciding whether to lift a moratorium.

Around the world in environmental news, newsreel-style

Got your popcorn? Good. Here's the news: Less cocoa, more water, more sunken treasure.

For sale: Ocean floor, ready for drillin’

The government will auction off 38 million acres of the Gulf of Mexico to fossil-fuel extractors next year.

Even as L.A. pollution drops, cars are giving kids asthma

Air pollution is down in L.A., but near highways it's still high -- and that's bad news for kids' lungs.

Romney coal-miner ad provokes complaint to FEC

A progressive group in Ohio has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission about the ad featuring miners forced to attend a Romney rally.

Ice isn’t the only thing melting in the Arctic

Arctic snow on land is melting at an even faster rate per decade than the ice.

Amtrak high-speed train will be slightly higher speed for a little bit tonight

Amtrak is testing a train in New Jersey that will travel at 165 miles per hour.

Vermont’s lieutenant governor has super-smart opinions on wind energy

Lt. Gov. Phil Scott is calling for a two-year moratorium on big wind-power projects in order to study their environmental impact. Oh, and this headline is sarcastic.