Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

The N.Y. Times tells us how much energy the cloud uses — but not why it matters

Pollution and waste are bad. But the New York Times' new series doesn't explain the context in which the internet's pollution and waste exist.

If we criminalize arsenic in rice, only criminals will have arsenic-rich rice

Three Democrats in the House have introduced a bill that would draw up federal standards for arsenic levels in rice.

Saudi Arabia turns to its other natural energy source: the sun

Plans to build a huge solar installation near Mecca could be the first step in a transition away from oil.

PBS ombudsman explains how NewsHour got its climate change report wrong

A NewsHour segment gave a platform to noted climate denier Anthony Watts, to much chagrin.

Chevron faces criminal investigation into attempts to hide pollution

The investigation focuses on the same refinery in Richmond, Calif., where last month's explosion occurred.

House passes terrible ‘Stop the War on Coal’ bill before heading to recess

The legislation, which will never become law, is an embarrassment. That's all there is to it.

Shell sues Greenpeace because it can’t sue its own incompetence

The oil company that has done basically everything short of sinking its own boats is now suing Greenpeace, blaming the group for obstructing Arctic drilling.

China, E.U. partner to bolster Chinese carbon trading

The partnership could mean the development of an international carbon trading system between Europe, Australia, and China.

Victory for raw-milk seller in Minnesota

Raw-milk advocates are calling the Minnesota jury verdict a big legal win.