Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

Junk-food manufacturers explore a new realm of advertising: Apps

The FTC's efforts to limit advertising to kids have hit a new stumbling block: iPhone games.

TransCanada’s push to build Keystone runs into Native American objections

The Canadian firm's efforts to build the southern extension of Keystone means that it needs to work with Oklahoma's sovereign tribes.

Need a job? Skip Harvard. Try the South Dakota School of Mines.

Grads from the South Dakota school's mining program will earn a higher salary than Harvard grads -- at first.

The Arctic could be ice-free by 2016

All Arctic ice could vanish by 2016. Yes, yes, this probably brings unpredictable consequences for all humans, but at least we'll have access to all that oil. See you on the Lido deck!

Good news: 123 of the last 133 years have been cooler than 2012

Unfortunately, there's also some bad news.

Have you seen this radioactive fracking tool that Halliburton lost?

There's probably a reward, if you have.

Only 100 cod in the North Sea? No — but there’s still a problem

There are still many cod in the North Sea, but only about 100 of them are 13 years or older, and that's bad news for the species going forward.

Georgia assures you: There’s no drought. Also, please send water, so thirsty

Georgia, like many other states, is suffering from the drought. Here’s Drought Monitor’s assessment of the current state of drought in the southeast; Georgia is affected far more than any other state in the region. More than half of the …

Shell gives up on Arctic drilling (until next year)

Don't worry, America. Shell will try again next year.