Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

Wolves are no longer endangered, so go kill some wolves

Lifting the animals' endangered status is more popular among people who like to shoot things than people who are generally opposed to shooting things.

Romney advisor and oil billionaire Harold Hamm is just a humble patriot

When he comes to Capitol Hill, hat-in-hand, to ask for more subsidies, please ignore the checks he might have written to your campaign.

Manufacturers of pink slime sue ABC for reporting on pink slime

A lawsuit filed by Beef Products, Inc., seeks $1.2 billion in damages, blaming its business problems on ABC's reporting.

New York City bans large, sugary drinks

In a first-in-the-nation move, the NYC Board of Health has enacted limits on the size of sodas that businesses like fast-food outlets can sell.

Expect a colder winter thanks to Arctic ice melt

The journal Nature rounds up what we should expect from this year's unprecedented Arctic ice melt.

After 99 years and one revolution, Death Valley is the hottest place on Earth

The World Meteorological Organization voted to restore a 1913 record for the hottest temperature ever recorded.

As Congress lets wind tax credit die, the wind industry struggles to finish key projects

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid does not seem inclined to hold a vote on a key tax credit for the wind industry -- and neither do House leaders -- likely dooming the jobs of thousands of workers.

Japanese prime minister suggests the nation will go nuclear-free

In a debate on Wednesday, Prime Minister Noda indicated that his upcoming energy policy would include a nuclear phaseout.

Big-box stores go big on solar

While not nearly making up for the other ways in which big-box stores degrade the environment, the focus on rooftop solar is an important step.