Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

Romney attributes climate change to humans — but won’t make humans do anything about it

Mitt Romney says there's no point in curbing emissions given China's greenhouse gas output and theoretical impact on manufacturing jobs.

BP thinks the Gulf is copacetic. The government disagrees. Tony Hayward doesn’t care.

BP is claiming in a civil suit that it's pretty much done cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico. The federal government's response: Like hell.

Your controversy for the day: Researchers find few pluses for organic foods

We anticipate a healthy debate on this topic.

Massive bailout of energy company prompts predictable response

Here's a good overview of the state of energy politics in America today.

New project in Oregon could make wave power a reality

High-tech buoys from Ocean Power Technologies may be the first system that can provide consistent wave energy to the grid.

As you enjoy your Labor Day, here’s something to worry about

The negative feedback loop of greenhouse-gas release from thawing permafrost is in full swing in Siberia.

bad corn

Global food prices spike 10% in July, thanks largely to drought

Seventy-eight percent of the U.S. corn crop is in fair or worse condition.

Utah OKs nation’s first tar-sands mine

Look, America, you're getting tar-sands oil whether you like it or not.

These charts of record temperatures in New York are trying to tell you something

But we can't for the lives of us figure out what.