Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

Shell still doesn’t have its sh*t together on Arctic drilling

Shell is asking the feds for a deadline extension on drilling off the coast of Alaska. Will the company ever actually get its act together? No one knows!

Texans exercise their Second Amendment rights to ward off smart meters

Well, "Texan," singular. But the movement to combat the insidious, intrusive device is real.

Arctic sea ice at record low — until the new record next year

Or, to be more optimistic, in 2014.

Massive explosion at oil refinery in Venezuela leaves 41 dead

The massive fire destroyed hundreds of nearby homes. Local residents complained of a gas smell shortly before the accident.

Tropical Storm Isaac scrambles GOP plans, heads directly for New Orleans

The most recent prediciton for Tropical Storm Isaac shows that it's due to hit New Orleans on the seventh anniversary of Katrina's landfall.

Black licorice recalled for containing lead, tasting disgusting

To be fair, not all black licorice contains lead. Just some. It is all disgusting, though.

Why does Mitt Romney continue to hate Colorado and/or wind?

With time running out and the wind industry wavering, Congress still hasn't moved on the production tax credit.

How Boston and New York hope to avoid becoming Atlantis

New efforts by both cities are trying to address sea-level rise before it becomes a big problem.

Drought dries up wells, reveals sunken Burger Kings

Now in its 100 billionth week, the drought continues to do weird things across America.