Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

New fuel-efficiency standards coming any day now — and not a day too soon

The Obama administration has delayed new standards for auto fuel efficiency -- but not for too long, we hope.

natural gas sign

If you’re building a power plant and it isn’t natural gas, you’re not trendy

And if you're building one that burns oil? Graduate into the 20th century, pops.

WV coal protest: mine

One way to stop coal mining: Cut off the water

Sunrise Coal's plan for a new Illinois mine is being held up by concerns over water use -- bad luck in a drought year.

Court strikes down major EPA air pollution rule

The decision from a D.C. appeals court is a victory for power generators, and a defeat for air-breathers.

2012: Fewest tornadoes, least ice, most acres burned

In the climate Olympics, we're all winners! If by winners you don't mean anything positive.

Coal train derails in Maryland, killing two

The derailment occurred just west of Baltimore.

Bill Koch is building a cool Wild West town and you can’t come

The billionaire oil magnate's faux town will never be open to the public.

Yet another ship makes it through the ice-light Northwest Passage

Little did European explorers know that they only had to burn a shit ton of coal and then wait a bit in order to discover the fabled route.

2012 may not end up being the hottest year ever — just close

The world is hot, getting hotter, and generally getting hotter faster. But not uniformly, so that's good anyway.