Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

New York’s bike-sharing program gets bumped to 2013

The mayor blames a software problem. The real issue, as with everything in New York, is the Yankees.

Was the uprising in Syria exacerbated by climate change?

The combination of drought and political tension may have been the kindling for Syria's uprising.

Even Congress is more popular than the oil and gas industry

A Gallup survey finds that literally every other industry is more popular than our friends in oil and gas.

A correction to our article about Paul Ryan

Apparently, the letter we presented yesterday showing a Paul Ryan request for stimulus funds was forged, since he says he never asked for stimulus funds.

Natural-gas well explosion near Denver kills one, injures three

The explosion appears to have been from a pressure build-up, as opposed to combustion.

Dallas will spray pesticides to quash West Nile outbreak

Residents have expressed concern, but spraying in other areas has not caused major problems.

A helpful compendium of all of the recent stories about our friend the drought

Given all of the news stories about the drought, we figured a handy index was in order. Please print out and carry with you.

The Ocean Health Index will let us measure how horrible we are over time

The global rating of 60 out of 100 barely scratches the surface on the depth of information contained in this new evaluation tool.

For some reason, this lady is mad about Enbridge cutting down her trees without permission

Canada-based Enbridge illegally chopped down about 50 trees to make way for a tar-sands pipeline -- a replacement for the pipeline that caused the largest on-shore oil spill in U.S. history two years ago.