Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

Meet Harold Hamm, the billionaire oil tycoon who’s advising Mitt Romney on energy

A profile of Hamm in the Washington Post seems bound to get people to like him. They shouldn't.

Fukushima butterflies show signs of mutation

And, worse -- mutations were seen in offspring born far from the radioactivity.

Here’s what happens when water levels drop to scary lows

The hottest July in history means that wells in Missouri, the only source of water for some residents, are going dry.

Summer Arctic sea ice is going extinct 50% faster than predicted

Do Santa's reindeer know how to swim?

The green take on Paul Ryan

Spoiler: He's not a climate hawk.

A moment of appreciation for activists taking a big step for a tiny bird

Working to improve the planet is tedious and thankless. So a quick word of thanks.

There might be way more lead in your tap water than you think

An EPA effort to reduce the amount of lead in our water systems may inadvertently have made the problem worse in some cases.

California sees gas prices rise, electricity strained because of karma

No, seriously, we love California! Sorry about Prop 13.

As corn crops shrivel, Americans look to a savior: Facebook

The USDA projects the lowest corn yield since 1995 -- unless Facebook users get going with rain dances.