Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

Fingers in its ears and singing loudly, the Wall Street Journal reports on the hottest July ever

Not that the newspaper is willfully lying to its customers, but we suggest you not let it sell you a parrot.

The pool of water under the Midwest is being sucked dry. The drought is making it worse

People are overusing naturally occurring aquifers the world over. This has massive implications for food production in the near future.

West Nile virus outbreak causes Dallas to declare emergency

Is climate change to blame? Hard to say. Is this a preview of coming attractions for everywhere else? Could very well be.

Harry Reid slugs fossil fuels in the face

The Senate's top Democrat isn't only throwing punches at Romney. He's also got it in for climate deniers and the coal industry.

Court to FDA: 35 years is too long to procrastinate on curbing antibiotics in meat

The Food and Drug Administration found in 1977 that heavy use of antibiotics in livestock was causing problems -- and it still hasn't done anything about it.

Normal-looking trees might be actually be stuffed with methane

Diseased but healthy-looking trees might contribute as much as 10 percent of global methane emissions.

Great news: The world is on the brink of a massive boom in oil production

You can't spell "dystopia" without O-Y.

Global food prices spike as stockpiles fall — and rain doesn’t

The impacts of the U.S. drought have begun to spread globally, thanks in large part to soaring corn prices.

U.S. curbs nuke plants till it figures out how to clean up after them

Since the government isn't clear on how it will get rid of nuclear waste, it's going to stop issuing permits. Makes sense.