Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

Sophisticated energy markets maybe not great at Twitter

A fake tweet yesterday caused crude oil futures to rise more than 1 percent. Oops.

Video shows failed attempts to avert nuclear catastrophe after Japanese tsunami

A newly released video shows utility officials trying to figure out what the hell to do after the Japanese tsunami hits the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant. Watch a snippet.

Temperature increases result in economic decreases

A new study finds that hotter weather hurts economies in developing countries. So, that's great anyway.

How the rare earth elements in your iPhone are polluting Inner Mongolia

The region in Inner Mongolia that provides critical, scarce resources for your technology has been heavily, broadly polluted.

Is fracking linked to earthquakes? Yeah, kinda, sorta, probably

Research from the University of Texas takes on a different spin depending on where you read about it.

Oil refinery on San Francisco Bay erupts into flames

The Number 4 Chevron crude distillation unit at Chevron's Richmond refinery exploded into flame last night. Local residents were advised not to leave home.

More evidence of the EPA’s deeply nefarious plot to undermine coal

Our expose into the EPA's ability to move international energy markets, frack up natural gas, and vaporize coal seams. MUST CREDIT GRIST.

Gibson Guitars’ noble stand against the government ends with admission of wrong-doing

A 2011 hot button issue for the right ends with a whimper.

Colorado utility hits high of 57% wind power

Colorado's largest utility broke the national record for most power generated from wind on a day in April. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney still wants to screw the wind industry.