Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

Congress will likely go on recess without any resolution on farm bill

To be fair, doing nothing is more fun than doing work.

Coal-generating power company in Illinois likely to file for bankruptcy

Another indicator that coal-based power systems are an endangered species.

Use of dispersants at BP spill may have wiped out middle of the Gulf food web

Dispersants have been shown to kill plankton, a critical part of the food web. The impacts of this may not be known for years.

Let the games begin: The rush for resources in Greenland

With signs of fast ice melt on the island, Europe is racing to figure out who gets what.

The House will use the last few hours before summer break to undermine the Clean Air Act

Because they're smart and they love America and if you think that reducing pollution is "cool" then you might as well go to Canada the end.

Storms are bigger, wetter, and more frequent than 60 years ago

See if you can guess why.

Atlanta region heads to the polls to reject a massive transportation investment

We've looked into our crystal ball, and it doesn't look good.

Want to predict America’s economic health? Follow the trash

There is a correlation between how much waste is shipped by rail and America's economic health. Which is weird.

Why does Dale Earnhardt Jr. hate the air?

The famed NASCAR driver signs on to shill for Big Coal.